Partner. Director of Tax Practice.

Jesús Rodríguez Márquez
Partner. Director of Tax Practice.
Phone: 914 263 740

Lawyer since 1994.

Professor of Financial and Tax Law.

His teaching activity has been complemented by his participation in international congresses as well as the Latin American Days of Tax Law, held in Cartagena de Indias, Lisbon and Salvador de Bahia, as well as in  seminars, courses and conferences.

Ideo Legal

He is the author of numerous books on his speciality and regularly publishes in specialised magazines, both in Spain and abroad:

  • Crónica Tributaria
  • Estudios Financieros
  • Impuestos
  • International Tax Review
  • Noticias de la Unión Europea
  • Revista Técnica Tributaria
  • Tributos Locales
  • Quincena Fiscal

In addition to his teaching work at the Complutense University of Madrid, Cordoba and Vigo, he has worked at the Institute of Fiscal Studies and at the Technical Office of the Supreme Court. In the first of the aforementioned institutions, belonging to the Ministry of Finance, he held the positions of Area Coordinator, Deputy Director General of Tax Studies and Director of Studies.

In this regard, he had the opportunity to participate in the design of various tax reforms, autonomous financing systems and local systems. As a lawyer in the Supreme Court’s technical office, he had the opportunity to help draft many resolutions on corporate tax and VAT.

As Director of Studies at the Institute of Fiscal Studies, he was intensely active in international consulting, both in Latin America and in various African countries. In particular, he has led the tax reform and public expenditure quality actions of the European Union’s Eurosocial II programme, with technical assistance in more than 13 Latin American countries.

He has been the Spanish representative at the IDB’s Performance Budget Network, at ECLAC’s Fiscal Seminar and at the Ibero-American Network of Fiscal Policymakers.

He has also led cooperation projects in the field of public finance in Cape Verde, Algeria and Mozambique.

Member of the Commissions set up by the Ministry of Finance for the reform of the General Taxation Law (of which he was Secretary), Autonomous Communities, for the adaptation of the General Taxation Law to Community law (of which he was Secretary), for the analysis of environmental taxation, for the study of the common consolidated corporate tax base, on the systems for determining the tax base and the contribution of self-employed entrepreneurs, on the establishment of a standard cost for municipal services and on the tax regime for professional companies. He is a member of UNE’s Technical Subcommittee CTN 307 SC2 “Tax Compliance”.

He was awarded “1996 Financial Studies” prize in the modality of taxation.