Managing Partner, with extensive experience in business management.

Javier Martín Fernández
Partner Director
Phone: 914 263 740

Managing Partner of F&J MARTÍN ABOGADOS and lawyer since 1985. He has acted as consultant to  important operations, both in the public and private sectors and has a great deal of experience in business management (in fact, he was the first Manager of Land Released from the Railway, which developed the RENFE Partial Plan of Córdoba and represented the greatest urban transformation of the city in the 20th century).

He shares his professional practice with teaching.  Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, he has participated in more than 400 conferences, seminars, courses and lectures, always in subjects related to his specialty, analysing the specific problems of the forums where they were taught.

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This person also has a significant level of cooperation with the Public Administration:

  • President of the Taxpayer Protection Council of the Ministry of Finance between 2016 and 2018 (previously he was a chair and member of its Permanent Committee for 4 years).
  • He has been part of the three Commissions for the reform of the General Tax Law (of the first of them he was Secretary), financing of the Autonomous Communities and Local Treasuries, on the systems for determining the tax base and the contribution of self-employed entrepreneurs and on the tax regime for professional companies.
  • He also participated, as an expert, in the elaboration of the White Paper on Agriculture and Rural Development.

Author of several books on his speciality, he has directed several collective works for the Centre for Financial Studies, Lefebvre, La Ley, the Institute of Fiscal Studies, Tirant lo Blanch and Thomson Reuters.

Coordinator of the magazine Practice Fiscal of the SEPIN publishing house and publishes, usually, in the following specialized magazines, both national and foreign:

  • Crónica Tributaria
  • Estudios Financieros
  • Fiscal Mes a Mes
  • Impuestos
  • International Tax Review
  • Noticias de la Unión Europea
  • Revista Española de Derecho Financiero
  • Revista Técnica Tributaria
  • Tributos Locales
  • Quincena Fiscal

He was a member of Technical Subcommittee CTN 307 SC1, “Compliance management systems and anti-corruption management systems” (which led to the UNE 19601 standard) and is currently Chairman of Technical Subcommittee CTN 307 SC2 “Tax compliance” (which led to the UNE 19602 standard).

Chairman of the Regulatory Council of the Montilla-Moriles Certificate of Origin; Bodegas Campos and Paradigma de Córdoba Foundations. Patron of the Foundation for the Promotion of Agri-Food Quality of Andalusia, as well as corresponding Academic of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Noble and Fine Arts of Córdoba.

Member of the Academic Committee of the Spanish Federation of Tax Technicians and the Observatory of the Autonomous (ATA).

Holder of the Order of Civil Merit; Arco Iris Awards of Cooperativism 1989 in its modality “To the best cooperative research”, of the Ministry of Development and Work of the Junta de Andalucía and “Financial Studies 1996”, in its modality of taxation.